Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 2

Week dos! (That's '2' for all of you non Spanish people out there) In the middle of my second week here at the good old MTC :) One main thing that I have seen so far with my experiences here is that it's not as bad as some people make it out to be.

"It'll be the longest day of your life, trust me" 
"Just make it to the first Sunday and you'll survive!"

Those phrases and others like them were constantly put into our brains by Elders and Sisters who had been here for a few weeks. In all honesty though I didn't have to 'endure' the first few days or 'just make it' to Sunday. I enjoyed it lots actually!! :D Yes, we have had long class hours and long days dressed in church clothes but I really don't mind that. I love what we are learning and I love looking spiffy in a dark suit and tie all put together by a nice shiny tie-clip and a black name tag. So incoming Elders and Sisters, don't be worried at all.

I'm not sure how you guys imagine the MTC life to be like, y'know, apart from the classes and devotionals. My cousin Jessica described her mental picture of it as a bunch of kids sitting in their dorm rooms crying over being home-sick and scared. Well it's actually not like that at all Jessie :P The best way to describe it would be to say that it's like living with a football team. (One of my roommates was actually on the BYU football team! Redshirted for his mission, though.) But it's just a bunch of really cool Elders hanging around with each other telling as many jokes, quoting as many movies, and messing around just as much as a typical college dorm. At least the BYU type of college dorm. Everyone is super nice and when it comes down to it everyone has a strong testimony behind their eyes. So I hope that helps your imagery of the good ol' MTC. :)

So through it all, even if I do feel a bit exhausted by the end of the week the Sunday devotionals and movies are a great break from the work! This past Sunday we heard from Brother and Sister Littlefield who work in the MTC as a part of the recommendation process. Their talks were great! They spoke about how miracles can happen through your faith. Mormoni makes it clear in the Book of Mormon that God is still a God of miracles and that people 'don't see them' today only because of the lack of faith some people may have. Great mission stories and other examples made for a great devotional. Afterwards we watched the Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration movie. Love that movie so much! I can always, always count on it to bring the Spirit into my heart. :)

I feel like so much happened that I wanted to say but I can't seem to think of much more at the moment. It's pretty cold here. Just in case you wanted to know that.. I do so enjoy wearing a big missionary coat. :D

!Buenos suerte! in all your journeyings in life! :) Thanks for the love, letters, and prayers :) Please send more of all of the previous! :)

Your favorite redheaded Elder in the MTC going to Georgia Spanish speaking,

Walking on walls.  Walking on water comes later.

Gingers of the MTC unite. 

The crib complete with Tongan companion.
How we learn Spanish.

Black name tag worn proudly!

 Alter Ego

Elder Vance and his posse at the temple

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