Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The game of chess is a lot like life and the Gospel plan in a few different ways. There are rules and bounds set enabling us to be challenged and planning ahead, deep thought, and many times sacrifices are all required to triumf over your opponent, or in this case, life. 

My new companion, Elder Thomas, and I have been able to play a couple of games on this cool, glass chess set we found in the apartment, which has given me time to think about this. Why? I don't know, I guess trying to apply ordinary things to the Gospel is a skill most missinoaries seek. It makes for interesting lessons at times. :) But one way I have looked at it is that I am playing a game of chess with each of my investigators. I am trying to get them to the waters of Baptism and they, for this example, are trying to avoid it. Sometimes it seems like I can get a quick check, which is an almost checkmate,  but then they keep slipping out with tricky strategy of their own. Or maybe I think that I am going to definately checkmate them with this lesson, or that chruch activity, but it was only a check and they are once again gone. 

On the other hand many times the game goes on in favor of the investigator and in their minds they are far from being checkmated, or baptized, but then God steps in for us and makes our move and a possibility for winning is much closer! In a way that happned yesterday when we randomly ran into investigators that had been previously taught by my old copmanion. I remembered that they had declined from learning anymore of the church but I didn't mention it and instead set up a time to come back. They accepted! See, they thought they had us in check but now the way has opened for us to get a swift checkmate! 

Haha, well, that's quite the confusing way to talk of Missionary work but I think it's fun. I love my new companion and we are ready to get to work here in Athens. On the side of Latino culture I have gained a sweet new recipie for a Hondurian food that is super deliscious and I am going to take a whack at it. Flour, oil, and water? A few dollars. Ground beef? The same. Making a complete mess as I flatten my first homemade tortillas and deepfry my first Hondurian meal? Not quite pricelss but pretty close I'd say. :)

Love you all! Stay awesome and cling to the Iron rod! :D 

-Elder Vance

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