Monday, January 6, 2014

Transfers once again!

It seems that I've successfully brought to his grave another missionary. My great companion Elder Dudley is ending his mission and returning to the potato-covered land of Idaho. I've quite enjoyed my time with him, and I sure have had more than my fair share of time with him. It's a funny and great thing about mission life in that there comes a day when you have finally learned to live and work very well with your companion. Your contacts go smoothly, your lessons are concise, and you enjoy each other's conversations. Then transfers come, one or both of you gets booted out of the area, and you begin all over again with the process of acclimatization with a new companion. Sometimes that process takes longer wit some certain companions than with others. But the blessed truth about the matter is that it is all done under the all wise, ever watchful Eye of He who leads this work. We are with our companions for a reason and there are things that we can learn from each and every one of them. That has certainly happened with my good friend Elder Dudley. I'll miss ya buddy!

There you have it. My Gospel principle related portion of my email home. Now onto the exciting stuff, Whooooh! No, no, I kid, I kid. It's all exciting! :) But this week has been a fairly normal week. I would say that our lessons and contacts have been the best they've ever been with Elder Dudley and I. 

We were able to get in with and share the message of the Restoration with a nice, older black man named Orvil. You know, the guy who made that really good popcorn! Well I'm afraid he isn't related to the popcorn guy but he was one of the most humble and ready to accept the gospel people I have met. We didn't just talk at him but we talked with him and he shared his thoughts about how he felt disillusioned about certain aspects of the churches he grew up in and currently doesn't have a church. Bingo! That's the situation we are looking for! Not that we want people to be unhappy about their church, but that people begin to see the unsteady path of each church and the overall confusion around them and search for the unchangeable truth. It is too bad that he speaks English, though. Not because we can't be the ones to baptize him but because Spanish is just better. That's all. :)

Well I hope all is well wherever you are. Set goals and get to work completing them! Yes, you are now obligated to me. I'll be checking up on you next week.

Que los monos de los arboles les traigan bananas. 

Elder Vance

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