Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BCE: Baptism...Confirmation...Empanadas

This week was great! Mainly because we actually had a baptism and confirmation take place! Good ol' Martin Alanis has taken the steps necessary to enter into the waters of Baptism and make a covenant with God. Sounds fun, right? Cause it is! But more than being 'fun' it is actually the door to the path which lead to Eternal Life. And there is only one path. One door. One path. One way. One Savior who paved that way with his life and blood. It is just crazy how things begin to piece together when it comes to understanding the Plan of Salvation and Gospel. 

After the Baptismal service the members provided some nice Hispanic hot chocolate, sweet bread, and empanadas. Very good. 

We are now preparing to take a trip to the Temple with Martin to perform Baptisms for the dead. That would be such a good experience for him. And for all of us, really. I just hope I don't get transferred before we can :O

We are working hard and sleeping harder (Only after planning session of course) and then rinsing and repeating. Just like the shampoo bottles tell us too.

Mucho <3 para todos!

-Elder Vance

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