Monday, November 17, 2014

This new scarf makes me feel kind of fashionable

Brrr. It's getting chillier down here in the south. No presence of snow yet but the signs are pointing to it soon. And after last winter I hope we are more prepared :/ Jeez, a little ice and these people go nuts...anyway!

We are pleased to announce we had another wonderful, successful baptism and confirmation this past Saturday and Sunday. Pedro Chavez is the oldest of four children of a family that has met with missionaries for a little over a year. They are related to a member family and have loved the missionaries coming over. Pedro was the first to take the steps to change his life, which he really did, and the rest should follow shortly. He is only fifteen but he has made a strong start for the rest of his life. I'm really happy to have been a part of it all.

No planned baptism for this week but we have a few goals for the following weeks. I'm not trying to slow down now that I'm reaching the end. I'm really trying to not even think of the end of my mission, which isn't made any easier by telling you all about it. :P But it's true, I am an oldy-folgy here is the GANM (Georgia Atlanta North Mission) But that's okay. I'm not worried about it. Just keep setting goals and knocking doors and koo-koo-ka-chu, soon enough I'll be heading out to the big ol' BYU... I'll come home for a little first, of course, Mom. :D But for now I'll enjoy what I'm doing more than ever. 

-Elder Vance

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