Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 6- Georgia Bound

We were able to talk to Brandon at 5:00 am this morning while he awaited his flight to Georgia!  It was great to hear his voice.  He is happy and excited to enter the field! It was hard to say good-bye, again.

Brandon's last letter from the MTC

Well, I'll have to make this email breif because I need to do some packing. Yay for going into the field! Like thousands of missionaries before me from the first Samuel Smith to the great friends I have who are on their missions today I will be embarking on the real journey of missionary work! :D

The MTC is a great place. Those of you preparing to enter in I ask that you do so with a mind ready to obey, a heart ready to love, and a stomach ready to eat! (No really, be prepared to eat lots. Man, that ice cream is good)

Am I excited? Sure am! Ready? Doesn't matter cause I'm going no matter what! There is a chance that my cousin will be able to train me seeing as he is in the same mission that I am going to right now! But even if not, I will get to work! :)

Con todo el amor de me corozon.

-Elder Vance

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