Monday, June 17, 2013

Feliz Dia De Los Padres

This email is directed towards my dad. I wish I could be home to give him a great big hug or tell him I love him in person but it looks like this is as close as I'm going to get. 

Yesterday in church the primary sang the song 'I'm so glad when daddy comes home' I love that song. Really. My eyes started to water up and I couldn't help but stare at that group of children singing to all of their dads with a huge smile on my face while thinking of my own dad. That primary song makes me want to do just what the lyrics say, 'put my arms around his neck and climb up on his knee', I think I'd be a bit big for that now but it's the thought that counts :)

I think of my dad so often while serving my mission. This week there has been a lot of storms and lighting. There was a tornado super close by one day too! The siren went off and everything! where were we at that time? Well my companion and I were standing out on a member's porch watching.... Probably not the smartest. Buuut last night the lighting was sooo loud it woke us up! It seriously kinda scared me! And I immediately wished I could run to my parents rooms and snuggle up next to my mommy and daddy to hide from the thunder and lighting. (don't worry, our investigators believe i'm manly) 

The point is there is nothing I can really say to express what I feel about my great dad. But I tried my best to get close with this spanish poem that I wrote for him.

Mi Padre:

Mi padre es mi amigo favorito
aunque a vezes es un burrito
Le doy gracias por darme lo que yo tengo
Y basicamente todo lo que he querido 
a la mejor no se todo lo que ha hecho
para darme un vida llenido con gozo
una dia yo quiero llegar a ser como Roberto
Y crear una familia y darle todo
No hay palabras para decir lo que siento
Solomenente estas: Padre, Te amo.

I love you Dad! You gave me more than just my red hair and partially dashing looks. You gave me everything. Because of you I have this chance to serve the Lord for two years. My laugh, my (awesome) jokes, my sense of humor, all from you.(we're going to consider that a good thing for now). For now, the only thing I can do to repay you is work my hardest. Give it my all. Do my very best for the Lord and for you.

con todo mi amor,

Elder Vance (Little Red, son of Big Red)

Unsuccessfully trying to change a flat tire.
New companion Elder Rindlisbacher

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