Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hola Amados Hermanos Mios!

Greetings from Georgia! Home of the...well home of the people from Georgia I guess. (supposedly they are supposed to have peaches down here but I have yet to eat one!)

This next week will be the last full week that I will have with my trainer and cousin Elder Clark. He soon goes off to the world of BYU, jobs, and awkwardly trying to impress girls with his Georgia-learned Spanish. What fun! I soon will get a new companion as well. Learning to live and work with new people all the time is one of the biggest learning experiences of the mission. I'm a bit sad that Elder Clark is leaving. We got a long really well! (Maybe too well sometimes) But oh well, here goes new things!

So last week and the week before I was able to go on an exchange with my district leader as well as his companion who is as new as I am. The interesting thing about one of the exchanges is that my district leader doesn't speak Spanish and we were still working in my area. So I had to be the lead in Spanish!!! :O I was pretty nervous about it at first but it turned out fine. I have no idea what I said though! :D

Good news time! We have two baptisms this Saturday. Investigators that we found and taught from the beginning. So all the glory goes to us! Yay for pridefully doing missionary work! Nahh, I'm absolutely joking. Thinking like that is a one way ticket to sending the Spirit away and inviting the devil in for an evening snack. Or brunch.. Anyway, the point is that the Lord simply used Elder Clark and I to teach a couple of His children who had been sufficiently prepared to receive the restored gospel. It's quite the calling being a full-time servant of God. 

One last thing! A cool little miracle happened a couple days ago. We were teaching a referral that we had received from a member the Restoration. The member that was going to teach with us showed up at the end as we were leaving. As we shook hands and were about to go another car pulled into the drive way. It was a neighbor who had a passenger who nobody knew. this mystery man walks in and points towards Elder Clark and I and says, 'I've been looking for you!'. He turned out to be an inactive member who was baptized twenty years ago. I really have no idea why they knew to be there at that time but all I know is that it was a miracle. He is so ready to have that peace from the Gospel back into his life. 

I'll keep it up here. Keep fanning the flames of your faiths wherever you are! Learn to play piano if you're going to serve a mission because it rocks! 

Con amor,

-Elder Vance
Elder Vance at a Civil War train museum

Doing service for a member
Elder Vance and Clark at church

Their district in Kennesaw.
Elder Clark goes home next week!!

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