Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some Dogs Don't Like Me

Letter from May 27, 2013:


So, it's hot in Georgia, go figure. Feels good though! The squirrels don't seem to care whether it's hot or cold outside. They are always there. And watching. I love the way they run though! So fluid. and cute. Not as cute as the puppy dogs here though. Just in case you wanted to know.

The days are ticking down for my companion to finish his mission and for me to get a new companion! For at least the first little while with my new companion I will lead in the things we do in our area! :D Don't mess this up Elder Vance!

We still have two people on date for baptism and we are starting to work with other daughter in that family to get her on board too. We'll see how it plays out when we meet with them tonight. Our other progressing investigators are awesome too! And our branch members are so cool as well! The people are just all around fantastic here. And the food matches their 'coolness' level. Yum!

I am impressing more and more people (mostly little kids) with my ability to walk on my hands. I think they are just amazed at how my face can turn the same color as my hair. Hey, if I wasn't born with it I would be amazed too! 

We did some fun things this past week. We drove all the way out to Blue Ridge, like an hour and a half north, to meet up with a convert to the church who doesn't live close to our branch. We helped him paint his home and got to meet his friends. We thought he was going to be an old guy from the sound of his on the phone but it turned out he was only 28. Nice! 

We met a lot of great people while harvesting too! We saw a guy walking around outside playing the guitar and singing about Jesus. Talked with him and got to leave the Savior's Peace and Blessings in his home. He wanted to bless us too so he played and sang a song he wrote about Jesus to us. Not like any Hymns I've heard but still pretty good. :) He also had a nice dog.

One thing Elder Clark will tell you about me is that I always try to get the dogs I see to like me. Some are awesome and warm up to me really fast while others are intimidated by my dashing looks and bright hair. Or at least that's what i'm guessing. Maybe it's the power and authority that I teach with that scares the animals. Who knows? :)

Things are overall going well. It just takes good ol' hard work! Yes, I am very tired a lot but i'm persevering! So you can too with whatever trial you have in your life now. Turn to the scriptures and modern day prophets and of course fervent prayer!  That's what I'm doing! :D

With Love always,

-Elder Vance

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