Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Like Trains

Que pasa, mufasa??

So we went to a Civil War and Train museum here in Kennesaw Georgia today. It was pretty awesome actually. Civil war stuff. Trains. Really what more can you ask for from a Civil War and train museum?? Just doing my best to get into the history of Georgia!

We are teaching a lot of really awesome people right now. One of which is a guy whom we met while tracting. Chris is his name. What a great guy! He is a younger black guy who is just looking to reconnect with God and thus far he is really taking to what we are teaching him! He adds his own twist to the scriptures. We introduced Nephi to him and he said to us, 'Man, I wanna find out more about this cat Nephi!' Yes, he speaks english, but he won't let us pass him off to set of English missionaries. So he's ours for now :) But he's just one of the really interesting people we have been privileged to meet. 

I have come to see how this work really 'fills me up' you could say. Honest hour time! There were days in the earlier parts of my mission where I was overcome by the feelings of I don't even know what! I just didn't feel like I could go knock on doors for two years! That's not how it is but that's how I felt. I was just down. But honestly, I would return to the car just so up! The people we met, the lives we were allowed to be a part of for a few moments were all just so great. Therefore, the way to get over the 'new-missionary-blues' is to get out there and talk to people. Get active. Go to work. Good stuff :)

I have no more 'palabras de sabiduria'  (words of wisdom) at the moment, so for now, hasta luego companeros!

-Elder Vance

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