Monday, April 29, 2013

Si puedo hacerlo, Usted puede hacerlo.

?Como estan!

This will have to be shorter for my time's sake. The work is going the same here in Georgia. I am learning to open my mouth more and speak Spanish even with horrible grammar. The food is still amazing and the people are so nice! At least the people in the ward... Most people we meet are friendly but some can be, well, not friendly. But it's all part of the job :)

So I have found that tie shopping is very exhilarating (10 points for using a big word like that!) as a missionary. Especially when you find a whole ton of deals on great looking ties for only eight dollars! Thank you Berlington Coat Factory :)

One cool person we met this week was a 79 year old man doing yard work! We were about to leave the area but I felt we should at least talk tothis nice looking old man mowing the lawn. I'm glad we did! He was one of the happiest, most energetic almost-eighty-year-old men I've met! (My grandpas are tough to compete with in that category) An interesting this that he told us about, and which we saw right off the bat, was that he had no jaw bone. So he spoke a little differently but he had a sweet beard to make it look good. He didn't get baptized right then and there or anything but he defiantly  brightened my day as a missionary. 

'Now where in the Bible does it say I can't have fun.'-Lloyd, old guy doing yard work. Very go-lucky-happy for his age and medical conditions. Tons of energy too. If I grow up to be an old guy, as opposed to growing down i guess, I want to be as energetic as he was! I hope i'll still have my jaw though....

Keep the letters/emails coming! :) love reading them all! Hope you all find success in your endeavors and find time to laugh everyday! I know my companion and I do! :D

-Elder Vance
Brandon finally got his bike together

A zone tie exchange on p-day

Brandon likes to decorate his planners.

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