Wednesday, April 3, 2013

That's a lovely accent. New Jersey?

Brandon  with his cousin and companion, Elder Jordan Clark.

It's finally getting warm! Yay! It's quite the thing when you get up to go running in the morning and it's actaully quite nice outside. :)

So basically what has 'gone down' this past week was, you guessed it, missionary work. We did a lot more door-knocking and house blessing than the previous week. It really gives me lots of chances to work on my language skills, which are improving.... I think. One thing that I have been told many times by my companion and that I have now seen for myself is that in all honesty Hispanics are much nicer than white people. Seriously, the only people that shut the door in our face or simply wave us away are white people! All the Hispanic homes we go to at least kindly tell us they aren't interested. And more often then not they just don't have time at the moment to let us in. Or should i say 'don't have time' with empasis on the quotation marks. Hah, yes we do get many lame excuses. But overall we have been very welcomed as we go walking around Georgia. :)

 It's been an interesting experience having a lot of 'firsts'. First house blessed, first baptismal commitment given, first flat out rejection, first 'bash' of doctrine, first claim by a man that our prophet is the anti-christ, first dog to chase us and give us near heart attacks before realizing it was tied up. First complete week in the field. Thank you for your letters, support and prayers. They are very, very appreciated :)

!Que vaya un buen dia! (See, you know I'm good at Spanish when you aren't completely sure what I said to you! :D I'm not sure what it means, though, if I myself am not completely sure what I said to you. :P )

-Elder Vance

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