Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Feliz Dia de Madres! and potato rolls!

?Como estan?

I'm sure Facebook is flooded with screenshots of missionaires on Skype from all of the happy mothers with Elders/Sisters in the world. I was one of the Elders who enjoyed a nice face to face conversation through Skype with my family. It's always good to use technology again. Oh, and ya it's good to see my family and dogs and all. :)

News with the work, we have two people on date for baptism. A mom and her 16 year old daughter. We met them through tracting and they have been really receptive. They also have new born puppies which are really fun to play with when we visit them. We teach them in English and Spanish because the mom only speaks Spanish and the kids speak both. It's useful for those time when I have no idea how to say a phrase in Spanish. I'm getting better with the language though :)

 News that doesn't have to do with the work, well...I don't really have any. We got two bags of really awesome potato rolls yesterday! That's pretty neat if yo uwanted to know :)

I dno't have much more to say right now other than take advantage of this opportunity. What opportunity? Reading my emails of course! No, I'm not saying that because I'm good at typing out emails but because I do have a pretty particular calling. All missioanries actually have the closest calling to an Apostle than most other people in the church. Elder Holland said we are apostolic with a little 'a'. As such you are pretty much reading the words of one called to do one of the smae things as the general presidencies of the church, invite others the come unto Christ. Keep His work moving forward. So this is your inside look at the life of one with that calling. Yes. Fell lucky :) It's even better for you because when reading the letters of a misisary you most often read the filtered email with all the positives of the work. Sure there aren't too many negatives, but it should feel good to just get a brain-full of just the awesome things that are happening on the front lines of the battlefield. :) And some of the pleasentries. Like potato rolls. Man, they're good.

Farewell for now my dear friends and brothers/sisters of my grand Earth-wide family!

-Elder Vance

P.s. No, i'm not kididng. These rolls are so good!!

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