Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let the Lord be your Light

Letter from May 20, 2013:

Another week has gone by,
Oh how the time sure does fly,
Gripping firm to the plow,
Not going back now!

Bet you didn't know I was a poet too, huh? But no, I don't compare to President Packer with poetic talent. What a guy! I can't wait for the 98-year version of his poem either!

This week has been great! Firstly we had three investigators attend the baptismal service of one of the member's daughters in our Branch. It went fantastically! And then to make things even better we had three investigators at church this Sunday! First times for everything. :) Two of those investigators have a baptismal date for the 8th of June and are progressing well.

We always meet awesome people when knocking on doors. One such person is good ol' Leon! He is a young married guys with a little baby girl. He works at home as a mechanic. He is really good ans we always catch him outside ready for a good chat. (He bought us Mexican-cream pops from the street vendor the other day. So good!) He is such a happy person too! From off the bat he told us how he is the way he is because of Jesus Christ. He has such great faith in Him. Hopefully we can add to that faith!

Estoy llegando a ser mejor con mi espanol y mi abilidad para enteder otros. Basically, I'm getting better at Spanish! At least I think so :P As well as my Spanish, my ability to teach in general is getting better. But all of these are givens for someone who is called to preach!

Lots of Love to all who are reading this! Remember, "wherever you are, there you are." -Robert Vance. What better advice could you get from a doctor??

-Elder Vance

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