Monday, June 10, 2013

Todays Forecast is Mixed Sunshine and Thunderstorms

Greetings from awesome-weather-Georgia! 

The weather down here is pretty nice. Although it is still under 90 it is still really humid! It's nice though that it does rain quite a bit. And when it rains, it pours. We went tracting one day in a nice trailer park when it started to rain a little bit. We ran and grabbed our umbrellas and continued on. Within about three minutes the rain got so heavy that our little umbrellas couldn't protect us. We had to hide in our car for a bit. Luckily we even had a car! Yay for mission vehicles! :D

This past Saturday we had a baptismal service for two of our investigators! I'm sure I've mentioned them before but it was a mother and sixteen year old daughter we found while knocking doors. Griselda, the mom, and Delia, the daughter, accepted everything really well from the beginning. It was pretty impressive to see how willing they were to accept as truth something completely new and change their lives forever! They were obviously prepared by the Lord. He was there long before we were. I baptized Delia and Elder Clark baptized Griselda. It was a really nice service. :) They were confirmed yesterday in Sacrament meeting. Elder Clark did his in Spanish and I did mine in English because Delia speaks more English than Spanish. (I say that but really just hadn't practiced confirming anyone in Spanish enough! :p I did do that baptism in Spanish though! :D ) All in all it went really well. They have been accepted warmly into the branch by everyone.

Our other investigators are doing well. We actually had one come to church yesterday. A great guy named Rodolfo. (I have been exposed to so many awesome Hispanic names out here!) Our good ol' English investigator Chris also came to church with us. We actually attended the 9:00am english ward with him.(ended up being at church for over six hours!) Such a great guy! Very sincere. Hopefully he can open his heart to the Spirit.

In other news I am getting a new companion this Wednesday. I found out last week that I will not be training a new Elder. (and I'm just fine with that for now ;P) My new copmanion will be....*drumroll*... Elder Rindlisbacher! (Rind-lis-baw-ker) The cool thing is that he is the Elder who trained my MTC companion. So I have met him before and he seems like a great Elder. Excited to get the know him as we work together :) Hopefully his Spanish is better than mine. I'm still roughing out all my kinks with Spanish.....which are many. But i'm getting a lot better!

All in all things have been going well. Todo van bien! Change is exciting and necessary in life! 

Yours truly (as opposed to 'mine falsely'?),

Elder Vance 
Mom's new favorite picture.  

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