Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Deep down, trailer parks are nice...Waaay deep down.

How's it going? That's a great opening line isn't? A retorical question that really gets no information out of anyone because people end up just answering, 'Good'. Well, I hope you're doing well as well as doing good. Things are shining brightly upon us in Georgia. And by 'shining brighty' I mean 'raining heavily'. Lots of rain lately, but I'm not complaining :) I enoy it.

It's really aweomse the moments when you meet someone at just the right moment. The whole 'I'm usually not here at this time' or 'ya, we were just about to leave when you came by' situations. Sometimes people try and use those as excuses for them not having enough time to talk with us but I do enjoy the moments when you can snese the hand of God in the moment of running into people

This past week we met a really nice family just before they were about to leave their house. We had previously knocked on their trailer door but they weren't home. (We actually had knocked on the back door but it's difficult to tell with trailers sometimes!) We saw their car out front one day and we chose to knock on their door again. We did so and a man in his late thirties opens up. He was tall for hispanics and had dark curly hair with a bit a scruffy-short beard look going on. Our excahnge went as such:

me- "Hello, how are you? My name's Elder Vance and this is my companion Elder Rindlisbacher"

Rodolfo- "Hi, I'm Rodolfo." (He would happen to be the third Rodolfo I'd met so far. Firm hanshake too)

me after a slight pause- "How's your day been going?"

Rodolfo- "Good up to this point. And yours?"

me- "Good up to this point as well. :)" (We were about to go into our line about being representative of Jesus Christ when he spoke next.)

Rodolfo- "Would you like to come in?"

So without even us asking he invites us in. We already liked this guy. His wife was inside finishing up some food when we walked in. They turned out to be super nice and we ended up just talking and getting to know them for a little while. Honestly he reminded me of my dad in hispanic form. Haha, really. He had the curly-type hair my dad does, the same beard my dad does when he goes camping and he had a nice sense of humor too. I will admit, it did look like he worked out more than my dad does but I'm sure my dad can tackle a mountain bike course better than he can! ;P

In the end they gave us some soda and little mexican pastries and we evenutally shared our message about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. We invited them to read and pray and they agreed to do so, but everyone usually does anyway. They were fun to talk with and I hope and pray that the spirit touches their hearts as they take the time to act on or invitation. They are just one example of how God can bring people into your path everyday. I'll keep you updated on what happens with them. :) 

But for now I must head off intothe great beyond and continue my quest of improvement and progression on the Lor'ds errand! By that I mean head to the stake center and get take down in basketball :( I am not too good at basketball... 

Elder Vance

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