Monday, July 1, 2013

Otra dia. Otra tortilla.

!Buenos dias!

Things are alive and well here as the Georgia Atlanta North Mission (GANM) begins it's month of consecration! Basically for the month of July we are going to consecrate ourselves and missionaries to the Lord even more than we have been. Yes, in reality we should be doing this already, but we are imperfect beings who frequently need a reminder of how to act. This mission did one last August and it brought forth many miracles! As we begin anew to follow each rule more diligently and pray more fervently we have been promised once again to see the hand of God working miracles in the lives of His children.

The food down here is still good, just in case you wanted to know. Tonight we are going to eat with a great investigator, Rodolfo, and his family. Carne asada here we come! Rodolfo is a great guy who has been making changes in his life for the better one step and a time. He has been coming to church for the past month and will eventually be baptized. Every person is different so change takes different amounts of time in the lives of different people. 

This past week we were able to hit the goal of seventy contacts for the week! (Seventy one actually!) It is a mission standard of excellence to contact at least ten new people a day, which makes seventy per week. It can be difficult a lot of the time, maybe when you don't have enough time to go and talk to new people, but we made it this week! The first time for me as a missionary actually :) Seventy people really sin't a whole lot compared to the billions people in the world. But with the 70,000 plus missionaries out there now that could be about 5 million new people talked to a week! Which is also about 250 million people a year! By that rate we could give the worlds entire population, around 7 billion people, the chance to accept or deny the Restored Gospel in just 28 years. Not that long at all really. But that's still only in the perfect missionary world. Whatever the case may be the work in still moving forward one soul at a time!

!Que Dios les bendiga muchisimo! Voy a seguir trabajando en el campo misional aqui. No puedo esperar hasta el ultimo dia cuando podemos arrodiarnos ante los pies de nuestro salvador. 

Elder Vance

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