Monday, February 3, 2014

Saul to Paul, Brandon Vance to Elder Vance

How goes it everyone? Yes as you may have heard we had some snow. It was bad enough to shut lots of things down for a while. You'd think like, what, six feet of snow to do that? Well it was about two inches or so. Georgia did not get it's merit badge in Snow Preparedness. Maybe Utah will teach it some day. But we were able to make a few little snowmen and throw a few snowballs. So all is well in Zion! :)

We were able to have four investigators come to church yesterday! Still no commitments for baptism but I'm sure with all of this work a small difference is at least being made. A difference inside of me is for sure being made. I was reading about the Bible missionary Pal this morning and  was really impressed by, well, everything. He went from persecuting to saints to being an example for all of them. A lot of people ask us missionaries why we have that tile of Elder and I think at least one of the connections that could be made can be seen when looking at Paul. Along with a life change his name was changed as were the names of other ancient prophets. So for these two years God want us to have a pretty big life change as we are dedicated everything we have to His service. So the name change ties it all up in a pretty, red bow. No, I'm no Paul right now but I definitely love the example he set for all of us. And he is only one of many.

No more goat heads seen or eaten this week only prickly potato and sweet bun and hot chocolate breakfasts. I love you all and wish you the best, blessed week. And I will pray for all of you Bronco fans.

Elder Vance
Snow Day!

The Snow that shut down Georgia

Snow Selfies

So we ate dinner with some investigators last night and for 'dessert' we had this prickly potato thing! It's called a chayote and basically feels like a...a...what are those little prickly animals called? Not porcupines...oh well. So it feel like one of those things and tastes like a potato. You don't eat the outside but you open it up and spoon out the inside. Not bad :)

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