Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Checking In.

Hey world! It's been a week already? Time sure does fly. Unless of course it has a fear of flying, then it just takes the bus (Time wouldn't ride a train, though, because that's just silly).

This past week we have happily found old investigators and older less actives who shall now be fellow-shipped back into the fold. Or at least receive the best efforts of two fancy dressed ministers of the truth. And if that doesn't work then yes, my companion and I will step in an see what we can do. No, I kid, I kid. We will do our best and God will do the rest! Not that He only helps after our efforts are expended. On the contrary He is our source of power that pushes us to our limits day to day!

Our relationship with our branch is growing as well and we are doing our best to really focus on the referrals given to us by members. After all, this work can't reach it's fullest without everyone pitching in! Or rather 'sickling in' if I were to stick to the example given by the Savior (D&C 4). :)

I am happy it is warming up here and hope that it stays this way forever. And ever. It feels good. And now that the Mexican cook outs are coming along we will get offered even more food than ever! Oh boy I'm excited! Those blessings naturally come to hose who serve the Lord. Well, I guess really as long as you speak Spanish and are somewhat friendly you could get offered some delicious foods too. Rosetta Stone here you come, right? ;D

All is well in Zion, all is well! (As long as we keep working it is!!) I pray you all have a blessed week filled with missionary moments. 

Abrozos y besitos

Elder Vance
Mom can I have one?

Like my new watch?

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