Monday, February 24, 2014


Letter (Poem) from Feb 17, 2014

Transfers are here and looks like I'm staying.
Another six weeks here in Athens??? Hey, I'm just saying..
Same companion, same branch, same troubles ahead.
Honestly, I'd rather be back home in my bed.
Am I serious? OF COURSE NOT! Who am I kidding?
It's too worth it to do the Lord's bidding.
I'm stronger each time I knock on another door.
Progression and learning, Yep, that's what a mission is for.
I love my companion, I love all the people
I love our little church white it's white, cross-less steeple
Now lets go harvest cities and baptize those nations
This truly is a work worth of celebrations. :D

There you go. My week in poem form. I have little time right now so that's how I decided to explain how things are going. We were stuck in our apartment for a day this week due to more ice and snow and we walked for about two days after that because the roads were all closed. We were able to find an awesome previous investigator and extend a baptismal date to her! Hopefully we will be filling up that font in the coming weeks. We shall see :)

Love you all!!

de su hermanito favorito,

El Elder Vance

Just hanging around UGA Football field.

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