Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If that's not the biggest oversight in the universe...

Quick weekly update! ....In poem form.

Interesting week, that much is quite true
A few good things accomplished and lots still more to do

Three days stuck at home as my companion was blowing chunks!
Me just sitting at my window sling-shotting rocks and small chipmunks (I kid!)

After lots of Ibuprofen and one trip to the ER (no joke!)
My companion is all better and enjoying his Diet Coke

We had the amazing blessing of hearing an Apostle of the Lord
Who brought a powerful spirit with the sound of his soft words

Now that its Monday and we are back on track and ready for another great week
We'll shout praises to God and go forth for Zion as the scattered elect we seek

...I'm sorry for so many poems but I just have to shake things up from the normal emails. :D Yes we went to the Hospital for my companion's shoulder pain (really random too) and he is all better now. Well, let's hope he is. :D Our branch is having a baptism this Saturday, which is great! Not from us though. There are four elders in our branch. But it doesn't matter who does it, it is a blessing all the same.

Yay for spring break! Have fun and be safe! :D ...unless you don't have spring break yet. Patience is a virtue :)

-Elder Vance

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