Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Missionary Fun!

!Buenos Dias!

So this past week I was able to have some enjoyable experiences including another trip to the ER. No, three hour trips to the ER because your companion with a shrimp allergy mistakenly ate some aren't always loaded with fun. But while there I not only was able to have some nice Book of Mormon study, I also enjoyed speaking with a nice Mexican family as they came and sat near me. We are now going to visit them this weekend! It is so very easy to make new Latino friends especially as a missionary. :)

I also had the opportunity to do an exchange with one of my Zone leaders, Elder Galvez. He came into the mission field with me and is from Guatemala. He has spent the past few months working in an English ward because of his leadership position, which made him really fun as we contacted in an all-latino neighborhood. Perfect language skills do help as a missionary but the most important language is that of the Spirit. He definitely has both. It was very funny to see how bold and straight forward you can get with people. Well, with people from Central and South America at least.

Elder Galvez: "Oh so you are Catholic? We are Mormons."

Senora: "Why?"

Elder Galvez: "Because it's the true church!"

In the end, a straight up invitations for people to out of no where become Mormons doesn't go far. But it is a fun way to start a conversation.

Elder Galvez: "So you went to our church before? What did you think?"

Random guy: "Well, it was...unique."

Elder Galvez: "Oh.. So do you want to be unique too?"

We worked hard that day but didn't even feel like we were working because we enjoyed it so much.
He has definitely taught me that a strong love and testimony of the book of Mormon is key to being a missionary. Every time he told people he knew the Book of Mormon was true I could feel that he really believed it. Great example. :) We will be seeing one another at BYU Provo after our mission time is over too. Long conversations into the night about mission stories and Avatar: The Last Airbender marathons await us both. But for now we are engaged in a great cause and cannot come down!

I'm excited for General Conference! Are you?? Love you all. Got to go.

Elder Vance :)

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