Monday, April 7, 2014

Que Lo Muerda!

Transfers are gone! I am here in my new area of Lilburn with my new companion Elder Welker. HE is from California and enjoys singing around the apartment and anywhere else, as I do. He just got finished being trained so he is still fresh and ready to be molded in my hands as clay! Or something like that.. Nah, I have a bunch to learn from him! This area has been having a lot of success recently so we will see how well we keep it up. :)

Did everyone else enjoy General Conference as much as I did? I hope so! If not, just re-watch Elder Holland's talk over and over again until you feel obligated to be good and enjoy conference. Hah, but they were all fantastic for many different reasons. We are all going to like something different from all of the speakers. I really enjoyed Elder Aidukaitis' talk in the last session on Sunday. I have seen him speak in person at the MTC as well as here in Georgia. Love that accent and enthusiasm! But he was just one of many that hit me.

So far things in this new area are going well. My voice is finally back after four days of being gone! Do you know how hard that was for me?? I love to talk! Sometimes too much, but still! I guess God wanted me to learn to let my companion talk more. It worked out fine though. Elder Welker had a Peruvian companion last so he didn't get too many opportunities to really practice his Spanish. But now that he is with another Gringo he will be speaking a lot more :)

I must be off now. I wish you all the best of luck and blessings in all your endeavors! This is your four minutes to perform. How are you doing so far?

-Elder Vance

(The email title refers to a nice family in my last area wanting me to bite into a cake they bought for me as a going away thing. They shoved my face into it. Saw it coming. I let it happen :P you'll probably see the pictures from my sweet mother :D )

Saying good bye to investigator

Farewell party from a member family

Saw it coming.

District before transfers

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