Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Feliz dia de Pascua

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Easter brings family, fun, chocolate, and maybe one of two eggs that go rotten because the Easter bunny tried to get tricky and hid some eggs inside the piano and forgot about them. But of course as we all most definitely heard in church yesterday, Easter is about Christ. I had the nice opportunity to sing with the other missionaries in the English ward in an all missionary choir. Even the missionary couples sang with us :) I also got to sing with the Spanish branch choir in our sacrament meeting. Some food and cake afterwards made for a nice church experience. :D

Though it would have been a lot better had our top investigator, Jose, come to church. He was unable to do so for understandable reasons, so I forgive him. :P We met Jose this past week and we have already met with him three times. He is reading the Book of Mormon and understands well what we teach him. He accepted an invitation to be baptized on the first visit and has not turned back from it since. He is an example of someone looking for real and lasting change. And by the faith he is showing through his actions he is definitely going to be able to find it. I am so blessed to be able to see a first hand view of all of this. Please pray for him and for us to be able to help him! :)

I am a missionary. It is pretty life changing what is happening out here. For us just as much as for the people we meet. Even in the low points I feel in awe at the wisdom my Father in Heaven has demonstrated by allowing me to be out here at all! His plan is a puzzle to me at times but little by little I think it is making for sense. Not just intellectually. :) 

Missionary work. Not overrated. 

-Elder Vance

Selfies for the Lord. 

Tour of the Hindu temple

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