Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey... we're... missionaries..Sorry, gotta catch my breath here..

Helloooo there!

How are we all doing today. Good? Great! I'm doing fantastic here as well! 

Not sure if you could guess but what the title suggests is true, we have been riding our bikes. In this lovely area of Stone Mountain we are blessed to drive a nice Volkswagen Jetta. But poor distance planning lead to us being super close to the limit of miles we are allotted to drive meaning we had to pull out the bikes and bike helmets. Riding brought back the memories of my time spent in Roswell on a bike. It is a different experience proselyting on bike because of the ability to stop and talk with most people you see. In our few days of biking we for sure we able to meet some very interesting personalities. We always leave a contact laughing and feeling grateful that we were able to meet that specific person, whether or not they were really interested in what we had to say. My companion, Elder Welker, is a bit sore but glad to be experiencing the mission life the real way. Though he tiredly admitted as we rode the second day, "This was a lot more fun the first time..".

We have been meeting a lot of awesome people who show genuine interest with a potential of Gospel acceptance within the upcoming weeks and months. Wow, I sort of said that like I was giving the statistical reports for the church. Haha, we all know it isn't the amount of baptisms that matter, though numbers have their place, but it is the depth of conversion and the long-term retention of people that allows Zion in her beauty to rise. We had an investigator come to church yesterday who has been reading from the Book of Mormon without needing us to really push him. 

I've come to learn that there really is a need for opposition in all things. It does help me to not get discouraged understating that. It's easy to meet a great new person interested in learning more and then becoming super bummed when the first signs of opposition show up. As I change my mind set from, 'Wow, this person is golden! I really hope there aren't any obstacles with this one!' to, 'Wow, this person has been really prepared. I wonder which obstacles we will need to walk by their side to overcome together' (was that cliche enough?). Something like that. :P Stress, pressure, and opposition are good and are requisites for real change! And I'm not just reading that in books. I have a front row seat to watch it happen in others as well as in myself. But don't be expecting anything more than a young-looking, freckle-faced kid to come home next year. Well, maybe you could add adjectives like 'handsome', 'glowing', 'muscular' and 'always super humble' to that list. Hey, there's nothing wrong with some self-promoting options now and then. :)

Stay safe. Stay warm. Sleep only five minutes more than needed. Try some fried SPAM, its' good.

With lots of love!
Elder Vance

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