Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Kevin, you are so weird." "He's not weird, he's awesome!"

Buenos dias! (I'm not sure what that means but I'm pretty sure it's French or something. Hm, German, maybe?)

The highlight of our week was definitely our time spent with our top three investigators, Maria and her two sons Kevin and Brandon. I have mention them before and how they didn't show up for church two weeks ago. We stopped by late and turns out they were all sick. *PHEW* Just like when you send a text to somebody and they don't respond your mind starts going 100mph reasoning as to why they didn't respond. We do the same things as missionaries.

"They didn't show up for church? Oh no, maybe their car broke down and their cell phones all fell into a puddle of water so they can't call us! Or maybe they got lost and showed up at a different church and are now getting baptized there! Or maybe they realized that they just don't like redheads at all! Oh man, we are just horrible missionaries! "

That's kind of what it sounds like in our heads. But it all just turns out to be our silly imagination most of the time. :) So we were able to have another lesson with them and they actually even came to church yesterday! Best part is that they loved it! Kevin, who is nine, joined his brother Brandon, who is twelve, in the older kids class. And he was participating and everything! Haha I'm serious, these kids are so funny and weird at the same time. I can't help but laugh, shake my head and say 'Kevin, you are so weird!' after he comes up with a very witty comment or super smart response to a question. But I'm always reminded that they are not weird, they are awesome.

They have all accepted to be baptized too. We are looking at the beginning of June for them. Help us out with your prayers to get them there! :)

Other than that the only 'big' news is that we may paint a wall in our apartment purple. Hey, someone has some leftover paint we can use. So, why not?

-El Elder Vancito
District before transfers

New comp Elder Young

New comp Elder Young

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