Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey!! How are y-...Oh, your faces all froze...

How were all the missionary to family Skype sessions this weekend? Hopefully as good as mine was! Even though at times it felt as though there was nothing much to say of any real significance it was still nice to see the fam. All went well, even though the wifi connection cut out multiple times causing some pretty funny frozen face images. 

This week was good (I probably say that about every week but that's just because no matter what every week is a good one!). Transfers are in two days! My current companion, Elder Welker, is going to one of my old areas with an elder who was also trained by my trainer. Now that I've been out for a bit I have all these connections to people and places around Georgia. So it's fun to hear who is going where and what is happening with old companions and old areas. I am going to get the MTC companion of the Elder who I trained. His name is Elder Young. Never served around him but I only hear good things about him. So I'm excited :) Change always brings excitement. And sometimes tears. And usually growth and progression! And on rare occasions you may see change bring ice cream... Only the best kids of change do. :D

So our top investigators are still those two younger kids, Kevin and Brandon. They haven't been able to come to church because their mom was sick. We stopped by before church yesterday and talked with them. The hope has not vanished, it is still there! We were able to talk with the mom a bit about how she is willing to listen even if somethings we teach are a little different. She pointed out how she is really questioning why she still carries some of her own beliefs. "Conviction or tradition?" she said. So that made us happy :)

I...I love you all. Don't go breaking my heart now... Unless of course you find something better than me, then by all means! 

-Elder Vance :D
Mother's Day Skype call with Elder Vance.

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