Monday, May 5, 2014

Feast upon the good word. It's the Law!

I love you all. You know that, right? Though my love is imperfect and limited, it is there. 

But you know what I don't love right now? Food. I have had enough of that stuff in my life. I think I am done with it. I am going to start studying seriously the plausibility of an all water diet. 

Okay, I'm not giving up food. But after yesterday I might think hard about it! We were given the opportunity to go with the English ward Elders to their dinner with a loving Haitian family. This family has a tradition going on fifteen years that they do with the missionaries. 'The Law'. That is what is is called. To do the Law one must eat two full plates of food, a bowl of fruit, a piece of cake and then ten Snickers ice cream bars. It may not sound like much but the human stomach wasn't necessarily designed to eat like that, heh. I only got to three bars. :( Not that many. My companion got to nine. He wasn't feeling so well afterward. 

Well, I don't advocate frequent 'feasting' of that kind but I do advocate feasting upon the words of Christ. We are teaching two younger boys, ages nine and twelve, who are just learning how to feast upon the words of Christ. They are very bright and quick to understand and have expressed their desires to be baptized. They sadly did not come to church yesterday and we aren't sure why. We haven't yet been able to talk with them yet. But I know they are very special sons of God who He has allowed to come in contact with us for a reason. :)

Do you all have something special planned for your mother for this Sunday? I know I do! It has something to do with Skype and me talking to a computer screen... But I'm sure you all can come up with something good too :)

-Elder Vance

Tie burning for hump day.  A few weeks after the fact.

A boy and his reptiles.

More from their "selfie" session.  

What happens when you run out of miles in your car. 

Missing his doggies :)

Two missionaries eating "The Law."

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