Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz dos mil quince!

Happy 2015! Are you ready? This year's gonna be great, trust me. How do I know? Well, because with a good perspective on things every year is a great one! And the setting the Gospel of Christ at the center of our lives is a very good way to have a good perspective on things. 

But our new years was great. We stayed up til.....10:31pm..... Nah, I'm just kidding. It was New Year's Eve! So of course we were in bed at 10:30pm. Just like every other night. Yup, no exceptions of those rules, you future missionaries. But we were able to stop by our branch's party that night for just a bit to grab some food and wish everyone a happy new year. They partied hard til three in the morning. We were blessed with the opportunity to help clean up the next morning. :) That's what the missionaries are for, right? Well, kinda.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the not-too-cold whether out here. It rained hard this weekend but it wasn't too cold. It's a bit chilly today but with my thermal leggings under my pants nothing gets me down. Yeah. I'm a wimp in the cold. But who doesn't care about being a whip in the cold weather? This guy! I mean, This Elder!

We have no baptisms planned quite yet but we have been working with a lot of recent converts and less active members and it has been going pretty well. I am sure going to miss these people. Thank goodness we have technology like SnapChat. I mean, how else would I be able to express the sarcastic faces I make to these great people on a daily basis in a ten second window of time as well as with an easy-to-use, nationally connected user interface?? The people of Georgia have only a short time left with my actual presence, but they shall not forget this face and hair quite yet.

I hope you set some great goals for 2015! Don't break them too soon! <3's all around! 

-Elder Vance

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