Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The last melon.

You remember that part in Ice Age, right? You know, the one where the birds are fighting for their melons when all of the sudden there is only one left. And then they all say in unison, 'The last melon!'. 

Well, this is my last 'melon'. My last greeting from the Peach State. My last time ending an email with the title 'Elder' before my name. The last time I'll get to write my mission president about the progress of our investigators and the relationship I have with my companion. The last time I'll get to think of funny phrases in Spanish to send home in my weekly email even though most people won't understand what it means. 

Here's one I made up: Hay muchos misioneros que se van, pero solo hay uno que se Vance.

Haha, I thought that was pretty funny. And so did the few members that I shared it with. (Although it's hard to tell if they were laughing because they thought it was funny or because they had pitied me). 

I loved my time here. If you couldn't decipher that from all of my last emails understand it now. I have grown a great love for  my fellow missionaries, the people native to Georgia, and especially the Latin American people and culture. I can't really  express everything I feel at the close of my mission. So I won't. But the song from the soundtrack of 'The Best Two Years' fits well. 

"Don't you know? Can't you see? I'm not who I used to be.
 Don't you know? Can't you see.. What your love has made of me."

I'm not done being molded but these two years were quite the refiners fire. Where do those fires stem from? The love of God. That's why we change as missionaries. That's why and how I've changed.

Nos vemos. Hasta luego. Que los vaya bien. Que dios les bendiga. Si no me puedes entender, ni modo, Les voy a ver pronto.

Un abrazo de,

Elder Vance
The last melon. 

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