Monday, August 5, 2013

Be the 4th Kind!

According to my fellow elders here in Georgia I sound like I have an Irish accent when I speak Spanish. I honestly don't know what to think about that. I don't even know what an irish accent sounds like. Pues, no me importa mucho!

So I've been trying to think of better things to eat for lucnh besides cereal. Don't get me wrong, I love cereal and milk but sometimes it's a good idea to broaden your horizons. Especially with food. So I bought some fettuccine noodles and alfredo sauce. I felt very sophisticated as I ate it. I just felt like letting you know that my kitchen skills are growing.

Another thing I have a goal to grow in is the overall missionary that I am. You're probably thinking, 'Well, of course that should be the goal of every missionary!" Well, yes. But I recently read a popular article that many missionaries read about being a missionary. It's called 'The fourth kind of missionary'. It's a talk given by a mission president a while back describing the four types of missionary he believes there are. The 1st is the kind who doesn't care what he does and eventually gets sent home. The 2nd is the kind that is equally disobedient but at least finishes his mission. The 3rd is the missionary who works hard, tries to be obedient, has success, but never really fully gives himself to the Lord. There is always that internal battle between what the Lord wants him to do and what he wants to do himself. He complies but is never fully happy. The fourth missionary is then, obviously, the one who is consecrated. The one who not only looks like a disciple of Christ on the outside but is one in his heart and mind.

That was a very brief summary of what the four types of missionaries are but the point is that it is very easy to go through one's mission without truly being changed by the work. Really, it's possible. I used to think that going on a mission meant a total spiritual transformation and that no matter the person they were before they would always return 100% better! In most cases, yes, it changes the person a lot. But I have quickly seen that even in the missionary life you can continue to slide your way through the work, even trying hard, but not give it your all and fail to truly be changed. I have felt like that has been the case with me, at least a little. But the reason Christ preformed the Atonement for us is so that we can change! :D

A quote I like from an amazing talk about grace from the ever-popular Brad Wilcox is, 'Have I been saved by grace? Yes! Absolutely! Completely! Thankfully! Have you been CHANGED by grace?" So that is what I aim to do. Allow God to change me and make me into the servant he wants, that he needs. I invite you all to do the same in all fields of your life. You're a brother,  sister, parent, cashier at McDonalds? Be the fourth kind of brother, sister, parent, or cashier at McDonalds! Give it your all. When done for the right reasons It will only ring true that when we lose our lives for Christ's sake, we shall find them.

Hasta luego amigos y familia mios! Les amo muchisimo!

Elder Vance

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