Monday, August 19, 2013

'Cause We are the Army of the Church!

Some missionaries find it hard to speak up or just open there mouths to people. I too feel that way sometimes but more often then not my problem is not closing my mouth once it's opened. I can at times just get on a role of trying to explain a gospel principle or answer a specific question that I just overload the person with information and end up talking for ten minutes straight. It doesn't happen ALL of the time but I've noticed it's something I can work on.

That's one thing about missionary work that takes a lot of 'getting the hang of'. Learning to work and teach with specific and different companions. Some Elders talk a lot when they teach so you have to learn how to get a word in yourself, while others might be more quiet making it easier to accidentally leave them out of the lesson from talking too much. So apparently communication skills are important to missionary work. And life, schooling, marriage, careers, etc. I'd best try and learn when to talk and when to keep my mouth closed now rather then later. Though I'm finding that it's much more fun to talk a lot in Spanish than English. :)

We have this really great investigator right now named Santos, oh and his wife Neli! They are a younger couple, he's only twenty-three! It's way cool though that he has a great desire to learn and a very high capacity to understand quickly. We have taught him three times so far and are getting him to come to church this Sunday. No matter how much they learn or progress on their own, they will hit a wall if they never come to church.

We are trying to get another investigator of ours to come to church as well. His name is Fausto and he is such a sweet guy! He's probably in his forties and his heart is too big for his body! He is 'new to the things of God' as he puts it and has been attending the Methodist church and other Bible classes to learn more. We have been meeting with him and showing him all the neat things the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon can offer him. His greatest desire is to help others. He is always thinking of those around him and he wants so much to go on a mission trip to some other country and build homes for people or something of the sort. I don't know if he will get baptized while I am here but all I can say is that if he keeps his heart I nthe right place he is bound to find God's truth wherever it is found. Aaaaand it doesn't hurt to have awesome Elders to come and tell him exactly where you can find that truth. :)

Thanks for the love and support you have shown to me! I'm just one of many missionaries in the world who need it :)

Stay active. Practique su espanol! Que tengan un beun dia!

Elder Vance

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