Monday, August 12, 2013

The Rains Came Down and the Elders Run Away! The Rains Came know the rest.

I always love when I get to experience something 'bad' on my mission. Not like cray bad, but bad as in getting caught in the heavy rain without umbrellas for example. Something that when I get home I'll be able to say to others, 'Tell me about it! This one time on my mission I...' Basically just to say that I did it. we actually did get caught in the rain this week though. Flash-flood-warning rain too. We had to run for about five minutes through it to get to our fellow Elder's apartment. Completely soaked! I couldn't help but laugh thinking how funny we probably looked as we ran through the apartment complex! Whether he intends to or not, a missionary makes a lot of memories during his mission. :)

On the work side of things we have a really cool new investigator. The first time we met him he was with his wife and they were the ones who approached us! they are younger and have only been married for three years. Very friendly and open to finding out more. It caught us off guard when he said he wanted to come to church and learn more. I was totally stumbling over my words because I wasn't prepared to meet someone like that. But it can happen! We taught him the Restoration so far and he has shown a sincere desire to learn more so far. It looks good!

I think I have been asked over twenty times so far if I painted my hair red. Hispanics are just really interested in it. I don't blame them, I actually enjoy it because it allows us to have a more friendly conversation. It is funny to see where they think I'm from. Someone guessed Russia yesterday. I guess there are lots of redheads there? When I tell them I'm from Las Vegas it's also entertaining to see their reactions and then questions of what in the world I'm doing here in Georgia instead of Vegas. I really do love the Hispanic people here! Much, much easier to start talking to than anyone else. At least in my opinion :)

'Tis all for now. As Jacob so poetically ends his writings I too bid you all Adieu. 

Elder Vance :)
New companion Elder Dudley.

First day of after riding bikes.  They rode far...

Sporting a new messenger bag getting ready to role!

Caught in the rain.

Soaking wet and still smiling.

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