Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yo he perdido mi voz!

Buenos dias hermanos mios!

The title says it all right there. This week I lost my voice!  It's true, it's true. The tool that is vital to the work I'm involved in went missing and I'm still working on finding it again. My throat decided to catch a nasty, little bug of some sort and cause me a bit of discomfort. I must say, though, that the past few days have been pretty funny listening to myself try and speak. Yesterday in church I was called on to give a prayer and I honestly could barely say it! It's also funny that the best medicine right now would be to just stop talking for a while, but I have found that pretty difficult to do so far! But all is well in Zion, all is well! :) I shall recover to full strength in no time.

This past week we had a great Zone conference in which we were able to listen to our awesome mission president and his wife speak to us. Unlike my first zone conference there was no general authority there. BUT all of the Spanish speaking Elders in our mission were pleasantly surprised with a special little meeting with a member of the first quorum of the Seventy! Elder Pino came and spoke to us. Being from Ecuador, I believe, he spoke to us in Spanish. I still love the fact that I can understand and speak this awesome language! 

Another great thing that happened was that we got our investigator Santos to come to church yesterday. The members were very warm and welcoming and he was able to participate in the classes and get many questions answered. I ask for your help in praying that his heart as well as the hearts of many others may be touched by the Lord and softened and ready to accept the Gospel in its entirety. 

I have nothing more to say but that I would exhort you, just as Moroni did, that after you read all these tales of missionary work from me as well as others to pray to see where you can play your part! And if you don't yet know if it something worth the effort, well, pray about that too! The Spirit brings the sweetest feelings you could ever feel. As Lehi described the fruit of the Tree of Life, it is pure above all that is pure and sweet above all that is sweet. I can add my testimony to that.

Que vayan con Dios!

Elder Vance

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