Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas as a missionary is fun!

Letter from Dec. 16, 2013

How is everyone this week? I hope things are going swell as most
schools are finishing up their last week until Christmas break. :)

This week has been filled with walking, talking, a bit of stalking (I
kid ;P) as we spread Christ's name here in Georgia. We have been
spending a lot of time down in a neighborhood that is full of
diversity! And by that I mean it's mostly blacks with a few Latinos. I
enjoy the feeling of being in different surroundings than I'm used to,
but my companion on the other hand is a bit nervous to go there
anymore. Some people down there have expressed their beliefs that we
are working for the police or social services and that we are just
using this 'church' thing as a disguise. Are they going to do
anything? Nah. Will we push our luck though? I'd rather not. So after
tracting most of the buildings we are leaving it alone for a good
while before returning :)

The people down here are great and the religious excitement is excited
as Christmas roles around. God bless and I hope you all have a great

Tambien uds. estan invitados a una fiesta navidena este sabado en la
capilla aqui en Georgia. Para todos que estan cerca ;D

Elder Vance

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