Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

Elder Vance here. I don't have much to say today and I don't have much
to say even wat I don have BUT I shall give a little update on how
things are going down here ( or 'up here' depending on where in the
world you are) in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission. :)

We had our Christmas party this week and it was a blast! Old friends
and companions and a nice talent show. Our investigator pool is
growing little by little. We are teaching a family of five that is
close to baptism if they would only come to church and read their
scriptures more! That's the eternal missionary problem. If you don't
read, pray, and keep comitments, you don't recieve a testimony. :( But
we shall not give up! :D We taught this 18 year old investigator that
has met with the missionaries for a couple months. It went well and he
could be getting baptized one of these upcoming weekends.

The weather recently has been warm and rainy. Quite different than the
usually white and wintry Christmas I'm used to. Well I guess it never
did get too white in Las Vegas but it hasn't snowed at all here. Sooo,
ya it's a bit different. But I do enjoy it here a lot. I will never
quite again experience Christmas like a missionary does. One really
has to soak up the experiences here! :D

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope you all find ways to
give a gift to your Savior this season by serving your neighbor. Who
is your neighbor, you ask? I'm sure there is a good parable you could
read in the Bible all about that ;)

con mucho amor,

Elder Vance

Former companion and great friends, Elder Chilcote and Long and Sister Beck

Former District leader, Elder Amaro from Mexico 
With Elder Santos from Brazil

With Elder Loveland

With his District leader Elder Evans

With Sister Adorable.  That is really her name. 

Elder Vance did some contacting at a huge flea market

Branch Christmas party.  Love all those cute brown heads. 

Elder Vance in the kitchen with Elder Galvez, his zone leader from Guatemala

Elder Vance and Sister Beasley.  She is a friend of Makenzie's from SUU!

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