Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I admit it. I play with Barbie dolls.

What a beautiful month we have here as we get ready for Christmas and
remember our Savior more. Winter here in Georgia has been less than a
'winter wonderland' as the temperature is still in the 60-70 range and
it seems to rain most days. I'm grateful to have a car and feel
compassion for all of the wet missionaries on bikes.

Right now we have five people with a date for baptism. One is an 18
year old girl going to UGA here and the other is a lovely family of
four. The family was found and taught a few lessons by our Zone
leaders. One of our Zone leaders is from Guatemala so he's pretty good
with his Spanish. (Though he wishes he could be as good as me :p) We
have been working hard and were able to talk to a lot of people this
week. It's so awesome just stepping back and seeing all of the amazing
and different people we meet every day.

Two people I want to highlight this week: 3 year old Naya; and 54 year
old Billy;

Naya is a little black girl with a whole lot of attitude! So funny to
talk with! She enjoys inviting us to come into her house and showing
us the picture of Dora she has in her room. One time we said to her,
'Here, we want to give you a picture of Jesus.' and she responded
quickly with 'Where he at??' Elder Dudley and I just laugh and laugh
at how quick and full of energy she is.

Billy is a nice old-looking man with a white beard on his face and a
beanie on his head. Everyone in his neighborhood knows him and he is
full of interesting things to say! We believe he has some sort of
mental disability but he is nice and fun to talk with. We saw him
walking one day looking kind of bummed out so we asked him what was
wrong. He simply replied, 'I don't want to talk about it, homes.' He
has lots of friends from the 'hood' and derives much of his language
from them. He brings a smile to our face when we think of him. :)

Other than that our week has been great, we ate awesome Latino foods,
I played dolls with a ten year old, and gave a five minute talk in
Sacrament meeting. We're pressing forward here and wishing all a very
Merry Christmas! :D

No cae mucho nieve aqui,

Elder Vance

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