Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello from Athens Georgia


Basically I love you all and don't have too much time to write this
email. But the gist of what has gone down recently is I am now in a
different area with a new companion. Well, sorta new. I was actually
with him before I trained my last companion. So we are reunited in a
new area. :)

Athens is a lot more open with fields and farms and long roads with
not much traffic. I am driving a car now, which is pretty neat. No
accidents so far. I'll try and keep it that way.

Elder Dudley, my current companion, and I are off to a great start of
hard work! He only has six weeks left in his mission so he is trying
to make it the best possible. I am going to do my best to help him
accomplish that. :D

Our apartment is clean, are car is clean, our clothes are hung up, our
Mormon.Org cards are ready to go and we are prepared to baptize
nations! Or at least do whatever the Lord would have us do. The branch
is the Oconee River Spanish branch and they are great! Each branch has
it's differences and each has it's great, great members (which is
everyone, cause they're all great!). I'm excited to get to work here
and am always thankful for the prayers and support form home.

My Thanksgiving was good too. Had two dinners of normal thanksgiving
food with a little Latin twist in some areas. Just for those who were
wondering. :3

Les qiuero mucho!

Elder Vance
 Me and the Bartlet family. I am standing kind of awkwardly...but they are awesome!

My district before I left. The camera looks to have some spots on its lens. 
But these are a great bunch of  Elders :)

Member in our branch and I think that's her little cousin. The little one is so cute! We walked in the first time and she said 'Oh, you guys are handsome!' and then she kissed us on the cheek...Do i need to talk to President about that?? ;P

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