Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So, Barber shops aren't only for cutting beards? We learn things everyday.

Hey friends and family! Amigos y familia!

This week has been a lot like the rest but of course each week brings it's uniqueness. We ended up having no investigators at church. :( But we still do have a few great investigators. It's tough for missionaries when we just want the people to accept the restored Gospel right now! 

"C'mon, it's easy! Just read and pray and BOOM! Baptism! Yep, there is opposition but just keep praying and going to and all will be well."

Yet, we are not the ones to decide when one is ready or not. We have not final influence on when a person's heart is truly softened. We are really just supposed to go to whom the Lord wishes and do the best we can. Maybe that person won't accept it now or maybe even in the near future, but you might just play a vital role in their conversion process. 'Tis tough, though, when we can't always tell what part we play or  where they are at in their journey. But that all has to do with walking by faith, I suppose. :) One new investigator we got was a 21 year old girl from Guatemala. Well, her family is from there but she speaks perfect English. She is super smart and we have high hopes for her!

One thing as a missionary I have also had to 'walk by faith' with is getting my hair cut. There isn't always a 'Great Clips' or 'Super Cuts' near by where you know that you will get a very decent hair cut for the same price you are sued to. That is the case around here in Lilburn. There are, however, many random Barber shops and salons in many languages. So this morning while I traveled in search for a place to get my hair cut I decided on the first Barber's shop I found. I mean, anything would be better than getting my hair cut at Walmart. (Yes, there is a hair place in our Walmart. Yes I went there. Twice. Not really the smartest decisions ever.) The place I went to this morning turned out to be a Dominican one. I had heard that Dominicans were really good at cutting hair, and it turned out to be true. I think that was the best hair cut I've ever gotten! And it was speedy! I was able to talk to the man in Spanish for a bit and tell him we were missionaries and that I was so pleased with his work I wanted to come back. I love this whole speaking Spanish thing!

I love you all. Miss you mucho. I'm glad you are still interested enough in how I am doing to read these interesting emails.

-Elder (Guapo por su corte de pelo) Vance

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