Monday, June 30, 2014

Mi Cielito Lindo. My cute, little Heaven.


I felt that an appropriate greeting now that I'm working with Elder Auelua. It's funny how most of the branch members say 'aloha' to him every time they see him. He is basically everything you would think an Islander would be like. Whenever a member has a guitar he has them bring it out and plays and sings for them. I've learned a few songs myself. "Ay, ay ay, ay! Canta y no llores! Porque cantando se alegran cielitos lindos los corozonez!'

This area that I'm in now is smaller than my last area but there seems to be plenty of things to do here. Like go to different churches! We have already gone to two, a nice youth group Christian one called Victory: World Church and a Jehova's Witness service in Spanish. Both nice and full of friendly people and great messages. In the JW one I even raised my hand and participated. In every faith you can find truth. Our message is simply that the fullness of the most important truth for us has been restored or brought back to the earth. Simple, right?

This Wednesday we get to meet our new mission president and his wife. They also have a disabled daughter who they will have with them. I am sure that they will be amazing like all mission presidents are, especially because they are coming to the best mission in the world! I have already heard good things of them. :) I'll give you the juicy details next time, aight?

I'm excited to see you all when I get back. I electronically send my love to each one of you. Thanks for the support and love you've shown me as well. And if not soon I'm sure at one point or other in the Millennium we'll see each other. ;D

-Elder Vance

Us trying to pull off swag.. or whatever.. Right after that picture we ran like scardy cats from a wasps nest that we then destroyed. Yep. :)

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