Monday, July 7, 2014

There are flying squirrels in our apartment.

My dear friends and family, I'm overjoyed to be able to email you once again! 

How's that for an opening line? I worked hard on it, I promise. But I am glad to be talking with you, in the closest way that we can as missionaries. To make it a more personal experience just imagine my voice speaking this email. And if you by some chance don't know what my voice sounds like, it's somewhat of a mix between Morgan Freeman and the guy who does the opening for General Conference. Got it? 

Well, Elder Auelua and I are doing great together. He is different in many ways than all of my companions. For one he is the first darker skinned companion I've ever had, which is sweet. We laugh well together, work well together and study well together. We are in the finding mode right now because we have zero investigators. Zip! But it's good for us. All the knocking doors and street contacting we are doing together is really helping us get better acquainted with how each other works, talks, teaches and eats. (And believe me, we eat a lot!) This isn't our work, it's the Lord's. So we just have to keep doing our best and setting goals to improve and let His will be done. Sounds like a plan!

So Elder Auelua is a bigger guy. He is part Samoan and Hawaiian, so it makes sense.  And he loves to use that size against all of the other elders. In an interesting way. He waits until you are in your bed asleep or just not expecting it. And then from somewhere nearby the soft, deep voice of Elder Auelua is heard chanting part of the song, 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' ...Oh-weem-bo-whap....oh-weem-bo-whap... And then he gets you! The 'flying squirrel', as he likes to call it, gets you. And you feel all 300-Polynesian-lbs land on you. It's just as fun as it sounds. :) But he is for sure the life of the zone.

Anyway, I love you all and have got to get back to work. Pray for the missionaries in your areas! (And my newly-made missionary sister!) This work isn't just for the missionaries. :D

-Elder Vance

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