Monday, July 14, 2014

I love my companion!

Buenos dias hermanos!  Que tal? Como estan? Acaban de llegar del trabajo? Oh, que beuno! Just starting my email the way I start a contact. 

I hope you are all having a great summer full of twists and changes and new things and lots of sleeping in. That's pretty much how it is for us down here. Minus the sleeping in. And not too many twists or changes either. We did recently find a family of eight to teach! Please pray with us that their desire can be sincere and that we can catch the Spirit enough to teach them! 

Have you all emailed my lil' sister yet? She should be in Canada by now! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, my sister recently decided to move out of the country and become a street urchin, knocking on doors for her food and water and making a lot of people give her odd looks. Yep, she's a missionary. Well, that's accurate minus the street urchin thing. I'm sure she has a nice, slightly worn, possibly cockroach infested apartment to stay in. Pray for her!

My companion and I have been growing closer together these past days. I love those moments after conflict where we talk it out and open up. Some of the sweetest moments tasted my this elder have been shared between my companions and I working out problems. Elder Auelua and I get along great and are so glad to be working together. We have only taught a few official lessons to people to we are not that used to teaching together. But that's why we talk it over and work until we get it right! :D And he turned 21 this past week. Happy birffffday copmanero, you!

Other than that we are still walking and knocking and talking and stalking.. I mean, not stalking. O.O Well, at least it's probably not technically stalking. But hey, we have to be on top of those less actives and investigators when they aren't coming to church!

-Elder Vance :D

Converts and investigators from his previous area...

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