Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Branch Baptism

This week was a good one overall and I'm left with more experience and a sunburn to remember it all. The sunburn mostly comes from playing soccer with our branch at the picnic they had yesterday. Man, do those Hispanics love to play soccer. We tried to get a game of rugby going as well but we had few takers.

Turns out that my companion and I did not have a baptism this past Saturday like we had hoped for. The other elders did on Sunday though, which was nice. :) They had been working with the husband of a member family who asked for himself to be taught and eventually was baptized. It's always the best when the person does it for himself and is not compelled to do anything. The same thing happened with our investigator Christian. He just still needs to have the actual baptism. He is seventeen so we have to wait for actual permission given by his mom to go through with it. But he is still strong!

We recently found a new family of five that we taught the Restoration of the Gospel to and gave copies of the Book of Mormon. They are la familia Luna. From Mexico. Catholic from birth. The usual. But they are super humble, funny, and like most other Latin Americans, generous with their food. They seem more legitimate than the other family of seven we found a while back. So pray for them and we will do our best to help them along!

And just in case you were wondering, yes, I turn the big twenty one this week! Finally, the age where you get what you have been waiting for your whole life. That's right, a driver's license that is horizontal instead of vertical. Yep..What? Did you think I was talking about something else?

Love you all! Stay safe, warm, and full of oxygen!
-Elder Vance

p.s. And I am not saying you have to, but just in case you were going to send a birthday card you would send it to this address:

105 Treecorners Pkwy
Norcross, GA 30092

Just so it doesn't get lost in the mail. :)

P day soccer game
Zone Conf.

90th birthday for Papi!

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