Monday, September 22, 2014

Simon yes, "Ay, cuate! Como anda?

My fellow citizens of Earth! I am doing fantastic! Just thought you'd like to know. I mean, what else am I supposed to say? It's true of course. I really am doing fantastic. I loved my time with Elder Auelua but I am no longer with him. I am now with Elder Galvez de Leon. Fancy, right?

So last week was transfers and the rumor was that I was getting as a new companion Mr. elder Galvez, whom I met in the MTC actually. He is from Guatemala and is a super good missionary. Lie, really. He is good. And I am excited to be with him. I had always wanted to but never thought I would. And now we are together and ready to rock and roll! Of course not really rock and roll because that music is not approved for us. We'll just stick with our nice MoTab for now :)

Some changes taking place so far with my new companion is our morning workouts. I have never been a fan of running in the mornings and Elde Galvez is. So w are running! A lot. And sure I don't LOVE it yet but I might, perhaps, just possibly be able to say that I'm not as tired during my morning studies now that I've been running more. So hopefully that keeps up! We have high goals for these weeks together and by golly we are going to achieve them! :D

It is really fun to be with a native companion because, well, they have perfect Spanish. And I get to learn a bunch of cool, new words. Like 'cuate' which is another way of saying 'friend'. Or 'simon' for 'yes' instead of just 'si'. I'ts just a whole bunch of fun. Overall I think we will do well together and I am sure ready to learn a lot from him. 

Take...luck! Take care of the luck that you might have...Don't everybody look at me, I'm a moron. (Brian Regan for ya?)

-Elder Vance

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